According to a poll, four out of ten New Zealand families now spend more than $200 each week on food. Significant shifts in food purchasing and consumption behaviours have been shown by research from Rabobank and the food rescue organisation KiwiHarvest. The study, which was finished in the second quarter of the year, revealed that families were spending a lot more money on food than they did the previous year and that the usage of food delivery services was rising. Diets were also changing, with fewer New Zealanders reporting that they were consuming their recommended daily intake of "five plus" fruits and vegetables, and just under a third indicating they intended to cut down on their meat intake. In a statement, Blake Holgate, head of sustainable business development at Rabobank, said it was not surprising to see that household food spending had climbed significantly from a year earlier due to recent sharp increases in food costs. tellthebell krogerfeedback biglotscomsurvey tellculvers mcdvoice dgcustomerfirst pandaguestexperience pandaguestexperience dgcustomerfirst wwwlowescomsurvey tellculvers tellthebell "At the highest end, the proportion of Kiwi families reporting weekly expenditure of more than $300 increased to 15% from 11% last year, while at the other end of the spectrum, the proportion of households reporting weekly spending of less than $100 decreased to only 11% from 14%. The study results indicating "cost of living" as the top issue for Kiwis in 2022 "come as no surprise, given that inflation also has an influence on costs for most other products and services," he added. Food app use was certainly influenced by local and national Covid-19 lockdowns, convenience, and the expanding variety of options, among other important aspects. According to the poll, HelloFresh was the most widely used food delivery app, being used by 33% of New Zealanders during the preceding 12 months (from 31 percent previously). My Food Bag came in third at 20 percent, followed by Uber Eats at 31 percent (unchanged) (from 17 percent ). The poll also revealed that more people were using a number of new food delivery services, with Menulog, Delivereasy, and foodpanda seeing the highest increases in use (10% from 7% last year, 8% from 6%, and 4% from 1%, respectively). The poll discovered that New Zealanders were visiting their neighbourhood shops more often despite growing use of food service apps. More consumers said that their weekly food shopping routine now includes "top-up" purchasing. The majority (70%) of respondents indicated they conducted a main food purchase and then "topped-up" shopping when needed, while just 21% of respondents stated their family depended completely on a big weekly shop (down from 24%).

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